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Innovative financial models based on Sharia principles.

Many of us lead busy lives. Some of us are up before the crack of dawn, getting ourselves prepared so we can in turn get our families ready for the day. We rush to work, rush to get the kids to school, and at the end of the day we rush home only to brace ourselves for the next day. After a hectic day, the last thing you want to do is spend time waiting in line at the bank. That's where RAKBANK Digital Banking comes in.

Digital Banking allows you to conduct your banking transactions safely and securely in the comfort of your home. It provides you round the clock access to your current account, savings account, and checking account. You can also download detailed account statements and enjoy many other services through Digital Banking. RAKBANK recently launched an all new Digital Banking Platform. The new Digital Banking offers many new features that can help you save time and cost. We've compiled a list of 10 features that will help you understand why you should use RAKBANK Digital Banking, and what makes it different from the brick-and-mortar setup.

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1. It's very easy

Thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced suite of features, you will enjoy banking that's simpler, faster and secure across any device. Plus, there's no need to remember different login IDs and Passwords for your Online and Mobile banking - The Unified Login credentials allow you to use just 1 username and password across Online and Mobile Banking.


2. Enhanced secuity with Touch and Face ID

With RAKBANK Digital Banking, you have all your financial information within arm's reach. You could be present in a different country, or comfortably sitting on the couch in your home - all you need to do is log into your account to find out how much money is in your account, download statements, check your loan balance and do more. Want to view balances on the go? No need to login, just use the Touch ID on your iPhone to view balances instantly.


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