Our shareholders

As a publicly listed company, we are committed to transparency and accountability. Our ownership information provides details about our ownership structure, including the names of our major shareholders, institutional investors, government entities and individual shareholders.

We are dedicated to fostering strong relationships with our shareholders and providing timely and accurate information about our ownership structure.

Ownership Structure

Shareholder Category Percentage Owned
National 85.56%
GCC 12.85%
Arabs 0.21%
Others 1.37%

Date: as of 31 March 2024
Source: ADX 

Major Shareholders

Shareholder’s Name Percentage Owned
Government of Ras Al Khaimah 49.35%
Mr. Ahmed Essa Ahmed Al Naeem 6.89%

Date: as of 31 March 2024
Source: ADX
Note: Major Stakeholders are individuals or entities whose ownership stake in the bank exceeds 5% of the total ownership percentage.

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