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RAKBANK Digital Banking

Optimise your financial management with our Digital Banking facility designed for businesses like yours. Our user-friendly platform offers a convenient and efficient solution for managing your business accounts from the comfort of your office or home at any time.


RAKBANK Business App



RAKdirect is our Phone Banking service designed to cater to the banking needs of businesses like yours. With RAKdirect, you can access a wide range of banking solutions from the comfort of your office.


Cash Deposit Machines

Our Cash Deposit Machines are the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their cash handling processes. Our machines offer hassle-free deposits, faster credit to your account, and reduced frequency of daily collections, allowing you to put your cash to work for your business sooner.

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Your all-in-one financial partner

Simplify your banking experience with our feature-rich app. From payments to payroll, our comprehensive Banking Solutions provide everything you need to manage your business finances from one secure and easy-to-use platform.

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