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RAKBANK Point of Sales (POS)

We offer all-encompassing payment solutions for any business, big or small. Whether you are a retail business, hotel, restaurant, phone order service, kiosk, or something else entirely, our Merchant Services and POS Terminal Solutions will cover all of your needs.


E-Commerce Payment Gateway

RAKBANKpay is your one-stop shop for Online Payment Solutions. We offer comprehensive payment processing from all leading payment gateways, including Mastercard (MPGS, MIGS, Simplify commerce) and Visa (Cybersource).

Easy platform integration: Our Payment Processing Solutions are easily integrated into numerous platforms, making it simple to get started and start accepting payments from customers around the world. 

Secure credit card payment facility: Leave credit card payment security to us! Our facility ensures that your transactions are processed according to the highest standards of safety and security.

Multi-currency: Utilise multiple currencies which enable you to accept payments from customers regardless of currency used.

Tokenisation: We’ve enabled tokenisation services, offering you an extra layer of security to protect your customers' sensitive payment information.


Skiply for Schools


Integrated Payment Solutions

The RAKBANKpay Integrated Payment Solutions is a comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions designed to help merchants accept various payment methods seamlessly.

Electronic Cash Register (ECR): Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) make payment collection simpler and more efficient. These systems allow merchants to manage their cash flow, inventory, and sales all in one place.

Point-of-Sale: DLL Integrated Solution: Our Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems come equipped with DLL (Dynamic Link Library), which allows for seamless integration of payment processing services with other applications on the POS terminal. This helps merchants manage their sales, inventory, and customer data more efficiently.

Unattended Machine - KIOSK: RAKBANKpay's Unattended Machine-KIOSK Payment Systems are designed to offer a hassle-free payment experience to customers. These machines accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets, and can be set up in various locations, such as malls, airports, and other public spaces.

Electronic Batch Payment Processing: Our electronic batch payment processing system enables merchants to accept bulk payments from customers, including salary payments, subscriptions, and other recurring payments.


Value-Added Services

Tiered pricing: Enjoy flexible pricing options. The more your transaction volumes are, the lesser you pay in fees.

Dynamic merchant statement: Receive your statements with customised fields of your choice.

Shop now, pay later: Provide your customers with the option to convert their shopping spends to easy payment instalments.

Dynamic currency conversion: Allow cardholders to pay in their home country's currency when using non-AED currency cards.

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We strive to provide seamless support to ensure the success of your business. Our customer service professionals are ready to help you with any production or test issues you may encounter while executing a project.

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 Help Desk support email.
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