Up to 15% off


Up to 15% off

Dubz - Flight Home Check-In, Baggage Delivery Services.

Free yourself from your bags and enjoy more time for visits and activities.


Promo code: RAK

  • Prices from AED 250.
  • Delivery Within 2 Hours.
  • Pay by Credit Card.
  • Bags Weighing.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Convenient & Fast.
  • Check-in From Home.


Up to 15% off.


To avail, URL link or the QR code link www.dubz.com/hci


Promo code: RAK


  • Check-in Departures
    Check-in includes 4 bags & Unlimited PAX
    Price: AED 239 instead of AED 279
    AED 35 for every additional bag

    Basic baggage check-in and collection service in addition to baggage disinfection onsite.


  • Check-in + Arrivals (Bundle)
    Bundle includes 1-4 bags & Unlimited PAX
    AED 339 instead of AED 399
    AED 70 for every additional bag (serving departures and arrivals)

    Basic home baggage check-in and collection service on your return flight to Dubai.


  • Standard terms and conditions of DUBZ applies at all times
  • Offer is valid only on payments made with RAKBANK Cards and is not valid in conjunction with any on-going promotion
  • To receive the offer, cardholder has to specifically mention the discount code at the time of making the payment
  • Offer cannot be redeemed once payment has been made
  • All benefits and privileges offered in the program are not exchangeable for cash or any other merchandise
  • RAKBANK makes no representation to the quality of goods and services offered by the merchant
  • All offers can be changed, replaced or withdrawn without any prior notice