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All your Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards have an embedded microchip—this makes the card unique and prevents someone from duplicating it.

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Why is Chip & PIN More Secure?

Chip & PIN Cards have an embedded microchip which stores all your card data. This ensures that your card is unique and can’t be duplicated.


How to Use Your RAKBANK Chip & PIN Card

When making payments at merchants with your Chip & PIN card, you should note the following steps that will be performed:

  • Merchant will insert your RAKBANK or Islamic Banking Chip & PIN card on the chip terminal and enter the exact amount of the transaction.
  • Upon reading the Chip on the card, the terminal will require you to enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • The merchant will then request you to enter your 4-digit PIN on the terminal keypad, which you should do in a secure manner.
  • When your 4-digit PIN is accepted as valid and the transaction is authorised, the chip terminal will print the transaction receipt confirming that your payment has been successfully processed.
  • The merchant will then return your card along with the transaction receipt.
  • Since you have completed the transaction using your PIN, there is no need to sign the transaction receipt.



What About Merchants Without Chip Terminals?

You can still use your Chip & PIN cards at merchants that don’t process payments using chip terminals.

The merchant will swipe your card and will ask you to sign the receipt to authorise the transaction.


What About ATMs?

You’ll still need your PIN to complete your ATM transaction. All RAKBANK ATMs are already Chip-enabled and are available 24 hours a day.

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