Stay in the loop when it comes to your transactions

For added security and peace of mind, we’ll send you free SMS alerts anytime you pay with or withdraw from any of your cards. You’ll receive a notification on your registered mobile phone number as soon as the transaction is validated.


Retail Spends

Stay on top of your retail spending with our SMS alerts. Stay informed of every transaction made on your RAKBANK Credit or Debit Card, no matter where you are.


Online Payments

Our SMS alerts will keep you in control of all your online payments. Stay informed of every transaction made using your RAKBANK Credit or Debit Card, whether it be for shopping, bill payments, or other online purchases.


Cash Withdrawals

Get instant notifications for every cash withdrawal made on your RAKBANK Credit or Debit Card and never miss a transaction.


Digital Banking and IVR (Phone Banking Transactions)

Notifications aren’t only limited to spendings and withdrawals. With our SMS alerts system, you’ll also be notified of all Digital Banking and IVR transactions, real-time.


Balance Transfers

Never miss a beat with your balance transfers on your RAKBANK Account! We’ll keep you in the loop with SMS alerts for every transaction. It's a hassle-free way to stay on top of your spending, avoid any missed payments, and manage your finances like a pro.


Credit Card Cheque

Stay on top of your Credit Card Cheques with our SMS alerts! Get notified of cheque issuance, due dates, and more. It's an easy way to keep track of your finances and avoid any unwanted surprises.

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