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We offer a wide variety of services with any Credit Card that you get.
From Credit Card Cheques to Credit Shield and combined credit limit, be prepared for the ultimate Credit Card experience.

Credit Card Services

0% Easy Payment Plan

Shopping just got easier with the 0% Easy Payment Plan on RAKBANK Credit Cards in the UAE. Our EPP lets you convert your purchase into a 0% interest Credit Card Payment Plan that runs over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Check out the wide range of participating merchants to see how you can benefit most.

Credit Card Services

Balance Transfer

Credit Card transfers have a reputation for being hefty and expensive. They don’t have to be. At RAKBANK, we’re making them easy and low-cost.

Credit Card Services

Credit Card Cheque

Experience the convenience and simplicity of using your RAKBANK Credit Card even in situations where card payments aren't usually accepted.

Credit Card Services

Remittance through Credit Card

Need to send money to your loved ones back home? Now, you can instantly remit funds to India, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and 24 countries in Europe through RAKMoneyTransfer using your RAKBANK Credit Cards.

Credit Card Services

Combined Credit Limit

Since each individual RAKBANK Credit Card has its own preset credit limit, clients with multiple cards find it inconvenient to manage all their credit limits.

To make things easier, clients can now access their combined credit limit, which is the sum of all their credit limits, using any of their RAKBANK Credit Cards.

Card transactions will be approved as long as it is within the overall credit limit assigned to the customer.

Credit Card Services

Credit Shield

Credit Shield Plus is an invaluable benefit that covers your Credit Card’s outstanding balance. Should unforeseen circumstances, such as death, critical illness, or even involuntary loss of your employment prevent you from meeting your Credit Card dues, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family will not be unnecessarily burdened.

Credit Card Services

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Using your RAKBANK Card overseas offers you plenty of benefits. From low currency conversion rates to international cashback, there’s something for every traveller to enjoy.

Credit Card Services

Supplementary Cards

Our Supplementary Credit Cards allow you to have additional cards issued on your RAKBANK Credit Card, so that you can manage your family's finances and provide them with financial security and peace of mind.

Credit Card Services

Instant Money

Instant Money offers eligible customers the option to take loans over and above their existing Credit Card limit based on the customer's current salary. The amount is to be repaid in equal monthly instalments.

Instant Money is a credit card service and the terms and conditions will apply as per the document in the Relevant Links below.

Credit Card Services


RAKrewards is our exciting loyalty programme. Start racking up points whenever you use your RAKBANK Credit Cards and unlock a world of rewards and benefits.

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