Attractive interest for the digitally savvy

Boost your savings with interest rates of up to 1.75% p.a.
The RAKbooster Account gives you more access to your money than any other account of its kind, and offers bonus interest rates, flexible withdrawals and credit card payments.

RAKbooster is an online account and is available in AED and USD.

Interest Rates Table

Best online savings interest rates to help you grow

RAKbooster Rates - AED

Balance Tiers Interest Rate (p.a.)
From AED 25K to AED 1M 0.25%
Greater than AED 1M to AED 10M 0.50%
Greater than AED 10M to AED 25M 0.75%


RAKbooster Rates - USD

Balance Tiers Interest Rate (p.a.)
Greater than USD 50k to USD 1.5M 0.15%
Greater than USD 1.5M to 6.5M 0.25%

Get more from your savings

Earn bonus interest rates

Earn bonus interest rates

Free monthly statements

Free monthly statements

Ultimate flexibility

Ultimate flexibility

RAKbooster Calculator

How to use this Calculator
  1. Choose your preferred currency
  2. Enter your monthly average balance
  3. Click on "Calculate"


Estimated interest amount shown above is for illustration purpose only. Actual interest amount applicable may vary based on the actual balances maintained in your account, interest rate, interest period and as per product terms and conditions.


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