Field Titles Explanation

Name of Applicant

Enter the name of the account holder(s) as per bank records
Date Submission date in the format dd/mm/yyyy

Select "Account Number" if your account is to be debited to make the transfer


Select "Credit Card Number" and enter 16 digit card number if your credit card is to be debited to make the transfer

Note: Card holder to visit branch and submit in person

Treasury approved FX rate Enter the special rate as approved by Treasury

Currency - Select the currency of transfer

Amount in Figures - Enter the amount to be transferred


Currency - Select the currency

Amount in Figures - Enter the equivalent amount

Transfer Currency - Select the currency of transfer

Amount in words - Auto-populated based on amount entered in figures


Beneficiary Name - Enter the name(s) of the receiver of funds

IBAN / Account No. - Enter the IBAN or account number of the receiver

City / State - Enter the City and / or State of the beneficiary

Country of Residence / Incorporation - Select beneficiary's country

Beneficiary's Bank

Name - Enter the name of the Receiver's Bank

Branch - Enter the Branch of the Receiver's bank, if known

City / State - Enter the City and/or State of the branch

Country - Select the country of Receiver's bank

Bank Code - Select the appropriate Bank code category and input the code

Intermediary Bank Enter preferred Intermediary Bank details, if known

Select the appropriate charge (any one)

OUR - Both RAKBANK and other Bank charges borne by sender

BEN - Both RAKBANK and other bank charges borne by receiver

SHA - RAKBANK charges borne by sender, other bank charges by receiver

Purpose of Payment

Enter the purpose of the payment being made

For AED payments, select the appropriate payment code for Individual and Business

Additional information for payments to Indonesia as per regulations

Applicant Signature Signature to match Bank records

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