Pay by credit card, even where you can’t

Experience the convenience and simplicity of using your RAKislamic Credit Card even in situations where card payments aren't usually accepted.

With our Credit Card Cheque facility, you'll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making payments that go beyond card limits.

The Convenience of Your Credit Card in Cheque Form

The Convenience of Your Credit Card in Cheque Form

Our Credit Card Cheque (CCC) is a service designed to make your life simply easier. Through CCC, you can easily request for a Banker's Cheque to make payments where credit cards are not usually accepted.

  • School / college fees
  • Rent (in favour of real estate companies only)
  • Insurance premiums (in favour of insurance providers or agents)
  • Payments to known property developers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Payments to any government departments / entities
  • Payments to utility companies
  • Payments to auto dealers
The convenience of your credit card in a cheque

Service Features

  • Minimum cash amount from this service is AED 1,000
  • Avail up to 80% of your credit limit or 95% of your available balance (whichever is lower)
  • No documentation required
  • Direct fund transfer to your personal account
  • Processing of Credit Card Cheque orders may take up to three working days
  • Upon pre-closure of EMI-based CCC variants, an early settlement fee + VAT will be charged as per the service & price guide, along with the full month interest amount

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