Say goodbye to cash

Operated and managed by Emirates Digital Wallet (EDW), klip is a domestic digital payments scheme that’s contributing to the UAE’s digital transformation. klip turns your smartphone into a digital wallet so you can pay, send, and receive directly on your phone.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Tap ‘klip’ on your RAKMobile app, register, and start your cashless experience immediately. You won’t need to enter PINs or lengthy credentials: simply scan the QR code to pay or enter your beneficiary’s number to send money, add funds, make a payment and more.

You can receive money the same way from other wallet holders. It doesn’t stop there, you can also top-up your balance from your own account whenever you need.


On-the-spot Payments

klip is a system that was built to be as convenient to use as cash. Any payment you process through it is transferred right then and there with no transfer of personal data.


Safer Than Cash

Your money's safe and sound from theft or loss. klip is secured by the EDW and our own security infrastructure. Your balance will still be there on your account, waiting for you, should anything unexpected happen.

We’re here to help


Bank on the go anytime, anywhere

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