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Benefit from our comprehensive suite of Digital Banking and Sharia-compliant cash management services designed to streamline your financial operations.

Payment Solutions

Manage your payments more efficiently with our range of customised solutions, created specifically for the needs of treasury professionals.


Digital Banking

  • View accounts in real time and keep track of your balances and transactions.
  • Get statements and reports in a few clicks.
  • Group multiple company accounts for a hassle-free, single sign-on experience.
  • Transfer funds between your RAKislamic Accounts instantly and securely.
  • Make local and international payments in different currencies easily.
  • Upload single or bulk payments quickly and securely.
  • Manage your payroll with our WPS and non-WPS salary payment solutions.
  • Request special instructions for your accounts and transactions.
  • Access trade finance import and export services.
  • Optimise your cash position with our liquidity management sweep and notional pooling solutions.
  • Access accounts from different mobile platforms for easy viewing and approval.

Host-to-Host (H2H)

Ensure secure data transfers between your accounting system and RAKislamic in your preferred file formats, network protocols and security standards. Our integration allows real-time payment initiation and confirmation, providing you with greater control and visibility over your payment processes directly from your own systems.


Discover Efficient SWIFT MT940/MT950 Account Statement Submission

SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, operates a worldwide network that enables secure messaging and communication among financial institutions. MT940/950 is among the various standardized message types designated by SWIFT for different financial industry functions. 

Benefit from multiple channels for generating, transmitting, or submitting statements securely to authorised personnel, along with features such as:

  • End-of-day account statements in MT940/950 format, providing detailed information on all account entries posted during the previous business day
  • Transmissions to SWIFT addresses of local or international banks for easy reporting on their online platforms
  • Submissions via Host-to-Host (H2H) for seamless integration with your ERP and accounting systems
  • Downloads from our Digital Banking for reconciliation and integration.
  • Direct transmission to your SWIFT registered address with Score or Member Administered Closed User Group (MA-CUG), ensuring efficient and secure delivery of statements

Collection Solutions

Streamline your collection processes and enhance your working capital management with our comprehensive range of solutions.


Cash Pick-up

Our dedicated armoured car service will collect sealed secure bags of cash from your premises at pre-agreed times. The money will then be deposited into your account, fully covered and 100% secured by the Bank.


Cash Deposit Machines

Deposit bulk cash quickly and easily using our cash deposit machines. Once the cash is deposited, it is completely secured by the Bank. Reconciliation reports will be shared for each deposit credited to your account at agreed time intervals.


Cheque Collection

Our dedicated courier service will collect your cheques in a sealed bag from your premises at an agreed time and deliver them to the Bank for processing and clearing. The couriered cheques will be returned to your office on the next working day.


Remote Cheque Scanning

Deposit cheques conveniently with our remote cheque scanning machine. Scan multiple cheques at once and get a comprehensive status report on all cheques for easy reconciliation in case of returns. This report can be presented to the authorities in case of escalation.


Customised Cheques with Your Logo

Give your business a powerful marketing tool with customised cheques featuring your logo and design. We can provide special artwork so you can print the customised cheques in-house if you have the proper technical capabilities


Receivables Reconciliation

Automate your receivables reconciliation process by leveraging our digital platforms and solutions.

Liquidity Management

Unlock and optimise your liquidity, while gaining better control over the cash flow across your organization.


Balanced Funds Made Easy

Our target balancing, zero balancing, range based balancing, selective sweeps, sweep in, sweep out and reverse sweep services cover deficits and overdrafts, enabling you to manage your funds with ease.


Efficient Fund Management

With our cash concentration and notional pooling services, you can link physical or virtual accounts within your entity or group of companies to manage your funds efficiently.


Flexible Fund Transfers for Budget Allocation

Move funds easily between designated master accounts and sub-accounts, multiple accounts, or vice versa for set-off purposes based on your required structure and anticipated cash flow budget allocation.

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