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Working Capital and CapEx Financing

Working Capital and CapEx Financing are critical for your organisational success. Our Working Capital Solutions include Trade Financing for imports and exports, as well as Term Financing for CapEx.


Equipment and Asset-based Financing


Project Finance

Fund your large scale projects using our syndicated and / or bilateral financing. We will work with you to structure tailored financing plans to suit your specific project requirements with competitive profit rates and flexible payment options.


Bridge Financing

Sometimes organisations require financing to bridge the gap between Short-term Funding requirements and Long-term Financing Solutions. That’s why we offer Bridge Financing to provide organisations with the needed liquidity.

At your service

Explore comprehensive Working Capital Finance Solutions with our team of experienced Trade Finance experts and the advanced TRADEASSIST technology.

For access to TRADEASSIST, visit one of our service desks or call us during business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Please visit our Branch Locator for more information about our operating times.


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