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Make the most out of your money with our tailored market services, from Foreign Exchange and competitive profit rates to Gold, Precious Metals, and Commodities Trading. Our team of experts will keep you updated with all the latest market insights and solutions.


Foreign Exchange

Our FX teams deliver both local and global knowledge, strategic skills, better-than-market execution, and cutting-edge products with market-beating prices. These rates include cash, tom, spot, forwards, derivatives, swaps, options, and futures FX, along with access to a mix of G10, emerging, and frontier market currencies.


Electronic Trading

We offer a state-of-the-art Electronic Trading platform for Foreign Exchange, with real-time FX rates available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our products include cash, tom, spot, as well as deliverable and non-deliverable forwards.


Profit Rates


Fixed Income

We are the UAE's leading institution and liquidity provider for local bonds, which include products such as sukuk, structured deposits, and notes.


Gold and Precious Metals

We are the UAE's only full-service bank for all gold products, with cutting edge solutions and market leading expertise for any gold trading requirement. Our products include trading in both physical and gold as a currency, secured financing, liabilities investment accounts, and structured deposits.



We provide market-leading commodity trading and financing solutions. Our products include vanilla, future, and derivative products.


Specialist Traders

We have a team of experienced dealers who specialise in Middle East and African markets. Together, we'll help you trade on a wide range of financial market products, from vanilla to complex non-linear financial market products.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Our trading platform is supported by advanced AI technologies, giving you access to cutting-edge tools and insights powered by some of the world’s most advanced platforms.

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