Navigate international trade with ease

We'll help you through the complexities of international trade with our carefully curated Trade Solutions, offering you a range of products and services to establish your presence in the international market.


Import Solutions

Simplify your import transactions. Our tailored solutions enable you to capitalise on growth opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.


Export Solutions

Benefit from services like export bill discounting and receive the discounted value of your invoice immediately upon shipment.


Letters of Guarantee (LG)

Secure your transactions and protect your interests with our Letters of Guarantee. These include Bid Bonds, Performance Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, Maintenance Guarantees, and much more.


Receivables Financing

Maximise your cash flow potential with our comprehensive financing solutions. Enhance the liquidity of your Wholesale Business with our Post Dated Cheque (PDC) discounting. Leverage your invoices as collateral for a finance or access up to 70% financing from your takaful receivables.

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Simplify your banking experience with our feature-rich app. From payments to payroll, our comprehensive banking solutions provide everything you need to manage your business finances from one secure and easy-to-use platform.

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