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Discover Sharia-compliant financing solutions designed to help your organisation. Our tailored solutions enable you to capitalise on growth opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.


Letter of Credit (LC)

Easily provide irrevocable payments undertaking to your suppliers as needed. With our solution for import LCs, you can always assure suppliers of payment according to your agreement.


Finance Against Trust Receipts (FATR)

Finance your open account, LCs, and collections trade with ease by using our FATR Solutions. Take advantage of this flexible financing option whenever you need to improve your cash flow. 


Short Term Finance (STF)

Document Collection

We'll handle all your import collection documents, so you can focus on growing your Wholesale Business.


Documents Against Payments (DP / CAD Basis)


Documents Against Acceptance (DA Basis)

We can help facilitate your imports by acting as a collection agent, where your import documents will be released to you against submission of your acceptance.

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