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The more you deposit, the lower your interest

The more funds you deposit in your Current Account, the less interest you pay on your Home in One Loan.

This means that you pay interest only on the outstanding loan amount net of the credit balances in your Home in One current account with the bank. Therefore, you pay less or no interest depending upon the balances in your Home in One Current Account.

Watch how it can help you save interest

Home in One loan calculator

How to use this calculator
  1. Enter the value of the property, which may be an estimate
  2. Minimum Down payment requirement is 20% and will be automatically calculated. You can increase this amount if you wish
  3. Enter the Account Balance, i.e. the funds you will maintain in your Home in One Current Account at all times
  4. Choose the length of your loan between 1 and 25 years
  5. Click on "Calculate"





Down payment should be at least 20% of the property value




  • Kindly note that the numbers generated from the calculator are approximate and dependent on the inputs that you have fed and are for illustrative purposes only.
  • The down payment amount may change based on property usage and will be higher if the property value is AED 5,000,000 or above.
  • The results may vary based on change in dates and/or policy.
  • The illustration demonstrates interest savings on the Home in One account only.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
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