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VAT is an indirect tax that is imposed as a type of general consumption tax on most goods and services that are bought and sold. It is levied by VAT-registered businesses which make supplies of goods and services in the course of their business. The UAE Government introduced VAT at the rate of 5% from the 01 January 2018, and it is applicable even today.


Whistleblower Policy

Any employee, service provider, partner or customer of the Bank can be a whistleblower. You can report any suspected fraudulent activity including bribery, theft, embezzlement and business or financial misreporting, financial crime, gross misconduct including breach of the Bank’s Code of Conduct, compliance and other policies, non-compliance with laws and regulations as well as workplace health and safety concerns. The Chief Internal Auditor is the designated and independent person to whom all whistleblower complaints should be addressed. You should report as soon as you become aware of, or are reasonably certain of, a suspected fraud, crime, misdeed, or malpractice within the Bank.


Foreign Exchange Rates

If you want to send money overseas, or just need information on buying, selling, sending or receiving foreign currencies, please click on the button below to check the updated tables on foreign exchange rates.


Choosing a Bank Account

When choosing a bank account, make sure to read the fine print. There might be a number of things that could surprise you in terms of bank charges and services. You may also find it useful to consider:

  • Interest on your account balance: this will increase your savings.
  • Monthly minimum balance requirement: you may be charged if you fail to keep the minimum amount stipulated in your account.
  • Availability and access to ATMs and branches. Check if there are any charges if you use another bank’s ATM.
  • Does the bank offer a free phone banking support service?
  • Can cash and cheques be easily deposited? How and where?
  • What are the other services offered and how are they charged?
  • Will you have round-the-clock access to your account via phone banking or your bank’s ATM network?


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