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Our Foreign exchange teams deliver superior execution, cutting edge products, and the most competitive market prices.


Specialist FX Traders

We have a team of experienced dealers, who specialise in Middle East and African markets. They trade on a wide range of foreign exchange products, from vanilla FX to complex non-linear FX products. These traders help bring world beating prices and solutions to our customers.



Money Transfer

Money Transfer

Need to send money to your loved ones back home? Now you can instantly send funds to India, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and 24 European countries – using your RAKBANK Account and Credit Cards.

Why wait until payday?


Foreign Exchange Rates

Stay up-to-date with the latest currency exchange rates. We've recently updated our rates to reflect the most current market trends. Visit our Foreign Exchange Rates page to view our updated rates.


FX & FX Option

Foreign exchange transactions cash, tomorrow and spot value. If you want to hedge your forward-looking exchange risk, we provide the best-in-class rates.

Buy or sell an FX Option with us to hedge your FX risk or increase the yield on your underlying transaction.

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Get started today

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