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We are the UAE's only full-service bank for all gold products, offering a suite of solutions and market expertise for any gold trading requirement. Our products include trading in both physical and gold as a currency, secured financing, liabilities investment accounts, and structured deposits.


Specialist Gold Traders

We have a team of experienced dealers, who specialise in physical and digital gold trading across a wide range of gold products and provide competitive prices and solutions that fit your needs.

We also offer financing should you need funds from individuals to large institutions, on the back of your gold. Whether you are a large corporation or an SME, we’ll help unlock your liquidity and manage your working capital more efficiently by giving you gold.


Gold Accounts

Now buying, selling, or saving with gold is so easy, you can do it anytime and anywhere you like.



Save with us. Open a gold account starting from 1 gram in gold. We are among the few banks in the world where you can open an account and safely keep gold. You can also easily draw physical gold from your account when needed.



We offer comprehensive hedging facilities using foreign exchange risk or bilateral strategies across a variety of products including simple options to target redemption forwards. Our solutions help hedge the volatility of gold and improve your returns.

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