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We offer expert and customised solutions so you can get the most out of your investments and help manage your interest rate risks.

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Specialist Traders

We have a team of experienced interest rate dealers who can provide you with expert advice across all markets. We offer trading solutions on a wide range of interest rate products, from vanilla to complex non- linear interest rate products.


Interest Rate Solutions

Unlock the strength of your balance sheet, manage your cash flows better and reduce your borrowing costs by using our expertise in the full range of interest derivatives across Africa and Middle East. Contact our experts and we will help structure customised interest rate solutions.

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Interest Rate and Cross Currency Swap

Hedge your borrowing costs by locking in your interest rates using our interest rate and currency swaps. You can utilise these swaps for efficient financing and optimised asset management.


Structured Products

With rising yields we bring you access to better returns on your investments and ensure that your capital remains protected.


Financing Solutions

We offer a wide variety of structured financing and repo products - creating markets and opening opportunities in areas where other banks have yet to venture.

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