Account Features

High returns. Optimal flexibility.

Our Shariah-compliant Call Investment Deposit gives you all the benefits of a fixed term account but with easy access to your investment.

Simply give us 2 working days' notice and gain access to your Account without delay.


Call Investment Deposit Accounts require a minimum investment amount of:

Currency Minimum Amount  Fee
AED 3,000 25
USD 10,000 15
EURO 10,000 15
GBP 10,000 15

Effective from 01 September 2022:

Currency Profit (% p.a)
GBP 0%
JYP -0.60%
CHF 0%

Accounts in these currencies are based on Qard Hassan and not part of Mudaraba.  

Foreign currency services is accrued daily and applied monthly.

Eligibility & Fees

Long term investment with flexibility

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